Monday, September 12, 2005

Something to get us started......

In 1923 there was a growing concern of the divisive threat of fundementalism in the various branches of Methodism. In response to this Cokesbury Press, of the M.E. South, published Bishop Edwin D. Mouzon's Fundementals of Methodism. The following is from that book.

"There have arisen amoung us some who insist that a correct creed is of more importance than a good life. They seem to take the position that if one's creed is correct, one's life will necessarily be rightous. There is immense peril in this position. For the next step may lead...the poor misguided man to the conclusion that his brother is a bad man...{if}his brother does not agree with him in all his theological tenets.

We Methodists...hold no such view...We believe that a correct creed is important, but we hold firmly to the view that a Christlike life is the final test on ones religion"

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